For my Social Media and PR class, I was required to create a podcast. I was asked to create a show, complete with name, topic and music. To create the podcast, I used Audacity. This is a great site to create podcasts for free. Here is the link to my podcast, as well as, some show notes to help you follow the podcast. Enjoy!

Podcast: Using Foursquare in the Business World

Show Notes

Show Title:

PR Today


Using Foursquare in the Business World

Table of Contents/Time:

0-17 seconds – Theme Music

18-32 seconds – Introduction

33-1:58 – Explaining Foursquare

1:59-2:45 – Introductions to Main Points

2:46-3:53 – Point One: Target Audiences

3:54-4:53 – Point Two: Competition

4:54-5:54 – Point Three: Free Publicity

5:55-6:33 – Closing Remarks

6:34-6:49 – End Music


Host and recording by: Haley Higgs

Theme music: http://www.podcastthemes.com/audio.php

  • Free Theme Number Four

Information found from the following websites:


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